Performance Speaks Louder Than Promises

We are passionate about finding the solution to your pain. Take a deep dive into these videos and stories to witness how these Khorrami Chiropractic Wellness Center patients got out of pain and back into life:

Shelly S.

“I suffered from chronic leg pain for years. It was so bad, I not only had trouble sitting for prolonged periods but it also kept me up at night. I had shared my distress with several doctors, but none offered any solutions—until I shared my frustrations with Dr. Khorrami. She suggested I try laser therapy. I was skeptical, but after a week of treatments the pain had lessened. After two months, the pain was gone. It’s been over a year since I found relief with Dr. Khorrami and thanks to occasional maintenance treatments I’m still PAIN FREE and out of misery!”

Caryn G.

“I came to Dr. Khorrami for help with symptoms of severe cold, blue hands and feet along with tingling. I had experienced these problems for about 2 years, and sought help from my general practitioner, an orthopedic specialist, a neurologist, and two physical therapists with minimal results. Dr. Khorrami carefully explained the likely causes of my symptoms and laid out a course of treatment such as chiropractic treatments, dietary supplements, change of diet, etc. I experienced immediate relief and my symptoms continued to improve with treatment over the next few months. I am very grateful to Dr. Khorrami for her kindness and quality of care, and I would highly recommend her to anyone.”

Joseph K.

“To say Dr. Khorrami is excellent is an understatement. I have gone to many chiropractors before, but when I leave Dr. Khorrami’s office, I feel a distinct difference in my well-being, physical and something beyond physical. She uses a variety of techniques, percussive, adjustive, and physical manipulation. All are gentle and non-invasive. She pays attention to breath, tells you when and how to breathe deeply during the treatment. She keeps a record of ongoing problems, thus knowing where treatment is most needed for subsequent visits. More than one treatment is important for every patient, to build on what is done so that the body can LEARN and go further. When Dr. Khorrami does her work I get a feeling that she is not doing anything TO you but WITH you, she is that involved in the healing process. My unreserved recommendation.”


“I have been treated by various chiropractors for many years for my injured hip and issues with my shoulders and back. Dr. Khorrami is the best — her office is not a factory or an assembly line like many other practices where I have sought treatment. She takes her time to really understand the core issues and works on your overall wellness. I hold her in the highest regard and recomment patients to her all the time.”

Carolyn Evans

“I highly recommend Dr. Khorrami for anyone looking for excellent chiropractic care. She is warm and caring and very skilled at what she does. After moving to Orange County from the Inland Empire, I had a very hard time finding a new chiropractor. I was pregnant and had been to 3 other chiropractors who were not gentle and hurt me very much. I had just about given up finding a new doctor, when I chanced upon her site and gave her a call. She helped me tremendously during and after the pregnancy. Not only did she alleviate pregnancy-associated pain and discomfort, but she also helped to relax and prepare my hips for delivery, which went very well. Dr. Khorrami’s gentle, yet effective, approach has won her my trust, to the extent that I gladly allow her to care for all three of my young children as well.”