Pain is merely a symptom of a greater problem. The ability to go beyond the surface and penetrate deep into your tissue with non-invasive, pain-free techniques helps to remedy the root cause of everything from muscle aches to digestive disease. Khorrami Chiropractic Wellness has invested in the following ground-breaking technologies to get to what’s causing your pain and begin the healing process:

Ultrasound Muscle Rehabilitation
This unique therapy uses soundwaves that resonate above the human hearing range to treat physical strains and injuries. The energy waves produced by the ultrasound device penetrate your body and generate heat in your tissues. Therapists recognize this treatment for its ability to increase joint and muscle flexibility, increase localized blood flow, decrease inflammation, eliminate spasms and reduce pain. It has also been reported to aid in healing bone fractures and breaking down scar tissue.

Therapeutic Electronic Stimulation
Gentle stimulation of your muscles is one method of eradicating pain. Small electrodes are adhered to the affected area of your body, causing targeted muscles to contract in small, frequent pulses. It is used to decrease inflammation and prevent muscle atrophy. This therapy is used to treat pain, asthma, stroke, sprains, arthritis, back pain, sciatica, scoliosis and more.

As you undergo this treatment, you are wrapped in therapeutic heating pads while your therapist provides healing massage therapy. It’s the next-best thing to a day at the spa.

VibraCussor Muscular Therapy
Another tool in our arsenal to stimulate your body’s own healing properties, the VibraCussor, uses percussive waves to penetrate deep into your tissues. This therapy works to release muscle tension while increasing both circulation and lymphatic flow. It is used to treat a wide array of maladies and injuries that are often the cause physical pain.