The team of health professionals at Khorrami Chiropractic Wellness is committed to making you feel good again. Our goal is to ensure your feel at comfortable asking your most important questions and knowing that information will be respected with the utmost privacy.

Mahsa, Care Coordinator & Body Rejuvenation Therapist
Mahsa is often the first person you’ll speak to when contacting us to start your journey to pain-free living. She’ll set up your appointment and is often the smiling face that first greets you when visiting our wellness center. While Mahsa plays an integral role in office administration, the bulk of her time is spent as a Body Rejuvenation Therapist. After being treated by Dr. Khorrami, your wellness solution often includes ultrasound, e-stim, laser and vibrocussor therapy that is expertly performed by Mahsa. She also manages our lipolaser program for weight loss. No matter what your interaction with Mahsa, her care and compassion shines through in everything she does here at Khorrami Chiropractic Wellness Center.

Rose Marie, Therapeutic Massage
Get ready to relax and recharge under the expertise of Rose Marie’s massage therapy. Rose Marie has specialized in massage therapy since 1998. She is quick to attune to your body’s needs and focuses on eliminating stress, pain and muscle tension from your body. Rose Marie’s massage therapies are combined with aromatherapy, using natural oils and lotions to aid in the healing and revitalization process. She is licensed in neuromuscular, structural integration, reflexology, Swedish circulatory, sports injury, cranial sacral and prenatal massage therapies. Discover why many patients rave about Rose Marie’s healing hands.

Kumi, Certified Nutrition and Wellness Consultant
Nutrition plays a vital role in your well-being and vitality. Kumi specializes in helping you improve your health and protect against future illness through a customized nutrition plan. Whether your goal is feel better, lose weight, gain weight or maintain weight, Kumi will help you attain balanced nutrition that aligns with your individual needs and lifestyle. Kumi is a Certified Medical Assistant, Certified Nutritionist and Phlebotomist/Lab Technician. Her background includes working with geriatric patients in primary, nephrology and oncology. She has 15 years of experience.